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In-Depth, ONE-on-one Restaurant Consulting

Are you just starting your first restaurant or seeking greater profits from your current operation? Give yourself every advantage. Restaurants are a tough business with a huge failure rate. Passion got you here, but experience will guide you through the challenges every step of the way.
I've been there! Twenty years ago, I was just starting out with no restaurant experience. I learned it all myself the hard way and ultimately took my first restaurant from scratch to $1.2 million in sales in just a four-month season. Besides those industry record-breaking numbers, my financial systems allowed me to make an unheard of 27 percent net profit. 
Not all restaurant consulting firms are the same! With my restaurant coaching expertise, I will teach you personally, step by step and system by system, all the keys to help mimic my success. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, I can help you train and motivate your staff, cut your costs, maximize your profits, and establish your BRAND.

One-on-One Rock Star Coaching and Consulting:

  • Create a profit plan for your food and beverage menu to ensure that you are making money from every item.
  • Implement inventory and cost-control systems to put more money in your bank account.
  • Provide a Payroll and Labor Analysis tool to dial in scheduling efficiencies and establish your labor cost “sweet spot.”
  • Determine your daily break-even sales point.
  • Create a cost-effective brand and marketing strategy to find, keep, and build repeat business.
  • Find and launch new “profit centers” to boost sales.
  • Systemize staff training to SERVE, SELL, and WOW your guests.
  • Develop a staff “Recognition and Rewards” program to increase productivity and morale while decreasing turnover.
  • Help select proven vendors and other restaurant resources that provide the best prices and value-added efficiencies.
  • In short, your new restaurant will avoid the ultra-steep learning curve and put “best practices” in place immediately to systemize all departments and make your operation a BRAND powerhouse.
Roger is a wealth of knowledge with all facets of the restaurant business. Roger shares freely his secrets to running a successful restaurant. Going through his coaching program has been a HUGE help! The end result will pay dividends, which is why we do what we do.
— Brian K. - Rest. 103
Roger, through his restaurant coaching, furnished invaluable materials and counsel to us with regard to the most important aspects of running our restaurant and bar. Not only did he provide his undivided personal attention, he guided us through the vital aspects of costing, inventory, and pricing. Throughout the entire consulting process, Roger was available to listen to the daily woes of restaurant ownership and answer any question we had regarding operations. Without Roger and his program, I believe we would not have had the necessary tools to make the changes to our restaurant structure to ensure our success.
— Alex B. - Warfield