Classic Rock Coffee is a franchise on fire right now as it expands around the world.  This way cool concept marries coffee & food with classic Rock N Roll… its like the Hard Rock Cafe of Coffee!

Listen as I speak with Brett Payne from Classic Rock Coffee as he describes his challenges in growing a global franchise, what’s cool about the coffee and where they go from here.



KEY “TAKEAWAYS” from the show:

-  Knowing how to run a business is a huge advantage if you have No restaurant experience

-  Design your website to be a “virtual” tour of your concept & experience

-  Consistency in product, concept & execution is paramount

-  With the “right” people in place, a great concept will work anywhere

-  Stand for quality, ethics & sustainability

-  Diversity your main business with other Profit Centers that enhance your brand (merchandise/licensing, etc..)

-  Appeal to a broad target demographic through a “Universal draw” (Music)

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