You know that Labor cost is one of your restaurant’s biggest expenses even before all the common employee abuses that happen every week in this business.

When I started my first place, I had employees who’d clock in early and stand around. I had employees clock in co-workers even when they weren’t on the schedule.  The list of potential losses went on an on, until I put a stop to it!

I often talk about the critical “Systems” that make your restaurant more money and more efficient.  Well listen up because I’ll show you a few simple tools to drop points off your labor cost each week.

In this episode I’ll cover:

-  A simple way to ensure that every employee work hour is productive time

-  How to zero in on your labor cost “Sweet Spot”

-  How to identify inefficient labor practices and quickly get back on track

When I ran restaurants I was obsessed with profit and you should be too.   A few systems will make all the difference between spinning your wheels and smiling all the way to the bank.

Go out there and Rock Your Restaurant.

Thanks for listening.


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