I’ve always believed there are 3 very important elements to any successful restaurant - Food, Service & Ambiance and to really get the buzz going for your place, you’ve got to nail all three.

I happened to visit a well-known major chain restaurant recently and the experience really knocked my socks off and my kids were pretty impressed too.  They wanted to take our server home with them, but I’ll get to that.

As soon as we walked in the door, a giant display case of desserts reminded me of all the hooks I used to have in my restaurant.  A hook is anything interesting, unique or different about how you do business that captures your customer’s imagination and gets them talking or better yet, gets them buying.  What can your restaurant do or display throughout your place that dazzles your customer’s appetite and/or their wallet?  

Next, the service was fantastic… our server treated my kids like VIPs and gave them the star treatment.. There’s a lesson here.. serve the kids 1st and serve them well and next time the family dines out, your restaurant will be at the top of the list.

Last, don’t forget the food & drink… everything we ordered had what I call “WOW Factor”… when its placed before you, the presentations looks so amazing everyone looks around the table and goes “WOW”!

So there you have the magic formula to restaurant success… simple in theory, but its the execution that counts.

Go out there and Rock Your Restaurant.



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