The restaurant industry is a high turnover business, but I’ve got the solution.   Don’t hire another empoyee in your restaurant until you listen to this podcast episode.

Forget about help-wanted ads, you can’t simply fill openings… that’s a sure fire way to find average people, who will deliver average guest experiences, average food & drink and lead to nothing but problems in your restaurant.

Instead focus on a new approach.  Hire for attitude, approach and desire to serve the public.  Front of House or Back of House… doesn’t matter.  What matter’s most is you train, develop and nurture what I call the “A-Team”.  Get rid of your C-Players and get rid of them now!   I’m not kidding.. they’ll just bring down your staff and your restaurant in short order.

Listen up and listen close…this episode will lower your turnover, free up your time and make a huge difference in your restaurant and your guest’s experience.

Thanks for listening.  Now go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!