I get it.  As restauranteurs we think we’ve got it all covered, but a fresh perspective can really improve your operation.  Don’t get so close to your restaurant to think that everything’s great - even if you’re busy.

Take a few key members of your team, step outside and look at your restaurant from the guest’s perspective.  Then, walk in the door, put your “customer hat” on and look at everything and I mean everything as your guest will see it and experience it!

On the inside:

    -  what’s your guest’s experience at your host counter?

    -  Is your menu fresh and appealing, with variety and most of all high profitability?

    -  Does every dish you serve have what I call “WOW Factor”?

    -  Is your staff a “Dream Team” communicating, backing each other up and making friends for        your restaurant?

    -  Are your bathrooms spotless 24/7?

    -  Is your place the first to be recommended by those in the know?

If not, sit down with your team, brainstorm some “Big Ideas” and make some important changes… Fixing what’s broken will elevate pride, give your team a jump start and dazzle your customers next time they come in.

Rock your Restaurant,