Today’s podcast episode features my very first Restaurant Rock Stars “ACADEMY” customer.  Much like me 22 years ago, he quit a secure job to follow a distant dream to start his very first restaurant - WITHOUT any restaurant Experience!

My guest in this cast, Mr. Colton Shoults is killing it in his first few weeks of business with lines out the door, a dedicated hard-working staff, happy customers singing his praises and a growing bank account.   What’s his secret?   “SYSTEMS”!

Colton is a smart guy who decided he could educate himself with a crash course in the restaurant business.  He called me up and we chatted about his ideas for a couple hours, then he purchased the “ACADEMY” and took on this project one day at a time.  He’s put critical systems in place for hiring, food prep, ordering and delivery, efficiencies and marketing… and he’s not done yet.  Next step.. his system to control his Prime Cost.

This is the only way to start and run a successful restaurant.  Listen as Colton shares his months long journey to start-up and what’s happening now at his operation.

Thanks for listening. Go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!