A good friend of mine is a chef and he’s owned several fine dining places.  I owned family casual restaurants..  Makes no difference we both agree that true service is a lost art.

Decades ago, gas stations would wash your windshield and check your oil and restaurants would treat you like you were family.  I dine out all the time and usually the food is good and its a comfortable atmosphere, yet the service always seems to go sideways… now I’m not talking about Alfredo ending up in my lap.  I’m talking about indifferent service because the staff just aren’t trained properly or trained at all.   Why is this simple concept lost on so many restaurateurs and managers?

In this episode, I’m going to show you how your approach to hiring will make all the difference.  Once you have the right staff that truly care about the guest’s experience, consistent training will build your brand and ring your cash register.   Want a turn-key system that will transform your restaurant, check out my SALES STARS front of house training program at www.restaurantsalesstars.com

Remember, Hospitality is present when something happens “FOR” you and absent when something happens “TO” you!

I suggest you make it a habit to dine out in your own restaurant frequently to see your restaurant from your customer’s point of view.  Experience everything from the greeting at the front door to the interaction with each front of house team-member who serves you.  

Don’t let Hospitality be a lost art in your place.

Go out there and Rock Your Restaurant.

Thanks for listening,



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