I hope you listened to my earlier episode about the Uncorkd APP.  It gets even better!  Listen to part 2 as we talk about Beverage Menu Analytics and how you can use Uncorkd to boost your sales and marketing firepower.

Uncorkd is a tablet based wine & beverage program that takes the intimidation out of wine & spirits for your customer.  Its loaded with 100,000 different beverages, so I’m pretty sure you’re going to find your wine & beverage list included.   Better yet, you’ll find descriptions of each wine, beer and spirit… tasting notes, pairings that complement your menu items and more all in an interactive touch or scroll on the screen.

Listen as I speak to Joel Saunders from Uncorkd HQ, as he explains how you can use Uncorkd to really move the merchandise and maximize your beverage profits with every sale.  Its simple, quick and easy. Don’t miss the FREE DEMO at www.uncorkd.biz

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