It's the Holidays and there’s no better time to sell more Gift Cards!

This time of year is a cash injection in your business that can bring in hundreds even thousands of extra dollars in the next 3 weeks!

Listen to this episode as I give you some simple and very effective marketing ideas to make your cash register ring this holiday season… you might even learn a few secrets you can use all year long to boost your sales and build your restaurant’s brand.

I’m talking about the power of “Suggestive Selling” which offers superior Customer Service.  Your staff are telling your customers “what’s great” about your restaurant, what they’ll enjoy, making new friends for your place and creating repeat business at the same time.  Remember, when your staff are having more fun and making more money, your customers are having More Fun and Spending More Money!  Its a beautiful thing and there’s no better time to start than the holidays.

Want an easy turn-key way to train your staff to Serve & Sell, check out and Rock your Restaurant this holiday season!

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