You’ve got to listen to my next series of Podcasts and this one in particular…  I’m working with my friend and industry PRO Jaime Oikle of and together, we’re going to Rock Your Restaurant!  In these next few podcasts, we’ll take you on a profit maximizing ride covering some simple systems you can use immediately to lower your costs, dial in your restaurant’s critical numbers and make more money.  Stay tuned for the bottom line skinny!

In my last episode we costed out every dish on your menu category by category.  What do you absolutely have to do next?  Compare profits and food costs dish by dish, because you just might find out that your Least Profitable items are your Biggest Sellers!   You’re working too hard and paying your kitchen too much not to be making as much money as possible.  Don’t spin your wheels any longer, listen to my latest podcast and get a simple system to maximize profit from Apps to Desserts and everything in between.

So join us and remember… the money is either in your pocket or your customer’s pocket - its your choice!

Thanks for listening.


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