In my last few episodes we’ve been covering vital tools to Rock Your Restaurant!  

My friend and industry PRO Jaime Oikle of and I are showing you some simple systems you can use immediately to lower your costs, dial in your restaurant’s critical numbers and make more money!

In my last episode #57 we calculated your Profit per Dish in every category.  Now armed with this powerful information, the Product Mix Report (PMIX) is the “key” that shows your restaurant’s volume of sales for every product on the menu.  All you do is plug in a particular date range (at least a month or two) and see if your Most Profitable Items are your restaurant’s Biggest Sellers… If Not, time to do some menu tweaking to maximize your restaurant profits!

My PMIX spreadsheet is a turn-key tool to dial in your menu.  Listen as take you through all the details to boost your bottom line!

While you’re at it, get a copy of my book “Rock Your Restaurant, a Game Changing Guide To Restaurant Finances that Will Maximize Your Profits.  Its only $6.95 and includes all my 14 fully turn-key automatic spreadsheets and my audio explanations to make your numbers a Snap!  Get the book at this link  My simple systems return Thousands of Dollars in R.O.I. to your bottom line. Get it now - Its the best $6.95 you’ll spend all year!

So join us and remember…you and your staff are working just as hard selling low profit items as high profit… you might as well create a menu that prints money! 

Thanks for listening.



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