I’m doing a series of Podcasts covering vital “Systems” to Rock Your Restaurant, so if you missed the last few go back and have a listen.. They all go together in sequence and they’ll put money in your bank account.  

My friend and industry PRO Jaime Oikle of www.runningrestaurants.com and I are discussing simple tools you can use immediately to lower your costs, dial in your restaurant’s critical numbers and make more money!  So many restaurants are not taking a regular Inventory or taking one at all and this is a recipe for disaster.

In my last episode #58, we showed how your Product Mix Report zeroes in your most profitable and most popular dishes - hopefully, they are one and the same, but if not, you’ll learn how transform your menu in a money-maker.

Listen to this latest episode as we walk you through a simple and effective Inventory system, which is Job 1 to calculate your all-important food costs.  This quick listen is time well spent to really dial in your kitchen and most important, your Profits!

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So join us and remember; this is a challenging business, so you might as well be making as much money as possible! 

Thanks for listening.


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