I’m hoping you’ve been listening to my last series of Podcasts where I’ve covered vital “Systems” to Rock Your Restaurant.  If you missed any, go back and have a listen.. They all work together to put money in your bank account.  

In this latest episode, my friend and industry PRO Jaime Oikle of www.runningrestaurants.com and I discuss why you should probably close your restaurant one or two days a week.  Unless you’re in Las Vegas or a major destination with constant traffic, you just might be losing money staying open on your slow nights.

Listen as we walk you through a simple daily Break-Even exercise which will show you exactly how much you need to ring in sales each and every day.  This quick listen is time well spent to really dial in your operation and most important save and boost your Profits!

So join us and remember; this is a challenging business, so you might as well be making as much money as possible! 

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