When your doors open for business each day, its like the curtain going up and suddenly its “Showtime”!  Think of your staff not as hosts, bussers, bartenders and servers, but as actors and actresses on stage ready to delight the customer not just with the products you sell, but the service you provide.  Delivering amazing dining experiences with consistency and flair is the key to a long sustainable business that prints money.

I knew right from the get-go when I opened my first place so many years ago, that it was all about dazzling the customer.  Think of it this way….

People dine out for many reasons, but even if they’re just in your restaurant that night because they ran short of time or were tired of cooking, its up to you and your entire staff to give them not just food and drink, but an “Experience”!   Experiences drive repeat business and getting your customers raving will be your most effective form of advertising.

Just like the movies, If your restaurant is all about the show, think about all the “Props” and scenery inside your restaurant that your team can use to bring the show to life and WOW the guest. 

Listen to this weeks episode as I present the “keys” to educating, informing and entertaining the customer so your restaurant has a “game-changing” advantage over the competition and your cash register keeps on ringing.

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