On any given day, industry headlines are ripe with falling sales and restaurant closures, both chain and indie.   No surprise with rising costs, heavy competition, staff issues, a fickle public, etc.. it just goes on and on.

Point is, if you’re not staying ten steps ahead of your competition, you can be sure they are.  This is a tough business, but its not about survival.  Its about knocking it out of the park and WINNING Big!  

I love working with my friend and industry “Pro” Jaime Oikle of www.runningrestaurants.com   We both having a burning passion for restaurants and helping other operators get the most out of their restaurants.  When Jaime and I get together, we dive deep pulling out all the stops to give you powerful, actionable ideas you can execute immediately. 

Listen to today’s episode as we cover cost cutting, sales building, guerrilla marketing and service-smashing customer loyalty programs.  This podcast is loaded with ideas to Maximize profit and gain what I call a “Secret Weapon” in this business and if you want to take this Action further, we’ve got a deal for you - Stay Tuned!

Go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!



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