Entrepreneurship has always captivated me… the freedom to have a dream, follow it and make it reality.  Its called the path less travelled for a reason - its difficult, but true entrepreneurs persevere despite tremendous odds.  If the passion burns bright and strong enough, you can achieve any dream, any goal.

Today’s guest Mr. Jim Palmer is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, as well as a marketing and business building expert.  Despite tremendous life challenges, Jim has the philosophy of “Never Quit, Never Say Die”!  Listen as he tells his story of hardship turned to victory.  We can all be inspired, learn and apply these life lessons to our own business.

How does all this apply to the restaurant business?  

Jim is also known as the “Newsletter Guru”.  He built several successful businesses harnessing the power of Newsletter Marketing which is a proven way to create loyalty with guests and build repeat business.  In this episode, Jim will share his proven strategies on high-level customer service and guest retention.  We’ll talk about getting customers to come more often, stay longer, spend more and spread the word about your business.  If you run restaurants, perhaps nothing is more important than building this strong “affinity” with each and every customer.

Stay tuned as I love Jim’s explanation of the difference between being an Entrepreneur and being a small business owner.

You can find Jim at www.getjimpalmer.com and www.dreambizcoaching.com

Thanks for listening and I’ll see you next time.



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