Work “On” Your Restaurant Today, So You Decide What You “Can” Do Tomorrow!

Do you dream of changing your life and doing something different?  Maybe you’ve run your restaurant for years and its time to retire.  You’d like to Sell and get “Top Dollar”.  Maybe you want to open another unit or even franchise your concept or you just want to work on the big picture and actually enjoy being a customer in your restaurant, instead of working there.

You have a “system” if you can leave your restaurant for a week, a month or even a year and its just as profitable, just as successful when you return.   How powerful is this one idea!  Could you pack your bags and leave your restaurant tomorrow?

This is a “Pie in the Sky” dream for far too many independent restaurants - pardon the pun.  The truth is, like any goal it is achievable and I can show you how.   Decide today that you will “systemize” your restaurant.  You will train your staff to think like “owners”, you’ll learn the fundamentals of restaurant finances and dial in your critical numbers today.  You’ll learn the basics of Internal Marketing, stop wasting precious cash on traditional advertising AND you’ll find efficiencies across your restaurant.   Work “On” your restaurant today, so you decide what you “Can” do tomorrow!

After listening to today’s Podcast, you might want to go back and listen to Episode #61 and get the whole picture if you missed it.  

Both episodes are all about creating an “Exit Strategy” for your restaurant, whatever that means to you.  I’ll dive deep and give you the secrets to getting more time in your life for what really matters and to create more opportunities for your business.

Follow me as I walk you through the critical steps to creating “Systems” that Rock your Profits and your Restaurant.   Take my “Free Restaurant Assessment” to see if your restaurant is really “dialed” or if you could use a solid system to transform your operation.

Today is a new day.  Let’s get started!


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