The Bottom Line is: Your Restaurant Needs Cash Cows and You Can’t Have Too Many Of Them!

What’s a Cash Cow you ask?

Any food or beverage menu items that have a high “perceived value” with guests, cost very little to put on the plate, are very popular and most important very profitable.  This is how you make money in the restaurant business folks!

Not only that, but you can actually Maximize your profits by giving cash cows away to build new business!  You heard that right, of course you make money selling them to customers off your menu, but you can make even more money by giving them away.  I’m talking about bringing in Tens of Thousands of Dollars of new business into your restaurant just by giving away a Cash Cow.

Listen to this episode for the real scoop and then to put this plan in action!

I’ll show you many ways to bring in thousands and thousands of dollars to your restaurant at very little cost.

Its your choice - why not work smarter not harder? Its all about Maximizing your Profits and R.O.i. and I can show you how.

Go out there and Rock Your Restaurant.  Thanks for listening.


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