We’re talking 3 Things to do Today that will really transform the way you do business!

In my book, there is no more challenging business than running restaurants and I often call it the business of 1000 details.  You’ve got ordering, inventory, finances, marketing. payroll and so many balls to keep in the air.  So what should you focus on first?   

The Foundation of your restaurant! 

That is, building a great staff and creating loyal satisfied customers.  In a business known for high-turnover and intense competition, this is the most important detail and the place to start!   

I’m always so excited to share a call with my friend and fellow industry leader Jaime Oikle of www.runningrestaurants.com   Jaime and I frequently collaborate on a variety of topics to help you run a stronger business and have more fun doing it. 

This call gives you 3 Powerful Ideas to do just that.

So give today’s episode a listen.   We’re talking 3 Things to do Today that will really transform the way you do business.  The way to keep the show moving forward when an employee calls in, the way the entire front of house team builds affinity with your customer and the way those customer’s reward your restaurant with their repeat business.

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