The well-known phrase “Knowledge is Power” is absolutely true in the restaurant business. 

Long ago, I learned “You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get”.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Why?  Because the most successful restaurants not only Sell a lot, they Save a lot!  Its just smart business.

What am I talking about?   If you run a solid food cost in your restaurant, you can actually Trade for things you normally buy for pennies on the dollar.  Think of it this way, instead of paying 100% for what you need, the trade cost to your restaurant is 35% or less.  That’s a Win for everyone, but your bank account will thank you.

Why not ask your suppliers for items of value.  Know that their warehouses are stock full of stuff they’re not using… its just collecting dust.  They’ll be glad to get rid of it and these items have great appeal to your staff and customers.  Ask and then reward your employees and customers for free with great merchandise!

Know that when you build a powerful restaurant brand, you have power with suppliers and customers alike.  

Remember that many of the products and services you buy are a commodity available from many suppliers.  Leverage that power and compare pricing on comparable quality.  

Smart restaurants shop their competitors and observe menu pricing, staff training, ambiance, guest counts, etc… 

The well-known phrase “Knowledge is Power” is absolutely true in the restaurant business.  Stay on top of the competition, play your best game and have fun doing it. 

Why else are you in this business?

And don’t forget to raise prices to maintain your margins.  Just make sure to over deliver on the value and service equation.

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