What will you do today to rise above this competition?

In the restaurant business, SERVICE is UNIVERSAL.  It all comes down to the people you hire, develop & train and the experiences you provide your customer.  

It doesn't matter if you have a full-serve restaurant with table service, a food truck or a quick-serve concept with a drive through and counter service, the bottom line is the guest experience.  Its plain and simple.


To be truly successful in this business, you need to be passionate about providing a higher standard of service. 

Imagine every restaurant in the world was your competition - even the absolute best 5 star establishments.  What will you do today to rise above this competition? 

Listen to this episode, rally the team and raise your own bar because  the ultimate competitive advantage is SERVICE. 

Give this episode a listen then go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!






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You're tuned in to the restaurant Rockstars Podcast. Powerful idea to rock your restaurant, here's your host Roger Beaudoin.

Welcome back to the restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I'm really excited to tell you about our latest product today and yes, it's all about service.

In the restaurant business, service is universal, it all comes down to the people you hire, develop and train and the experiences you provide your customer. I spent much of my career focused on service and staff training, all based on expectations. I ran restaurants for two decades and right from the beginning, I set the bar high because to me, the ultimate competitive advantage is service.

It's plain and simple, to dominate your competition and be truly successful in this business; you need to be passionate about providing a higher standard of service than your competition. Take it one step further, imagine every restaurant in the world were your competition, even the absolute best Five-Star establishment, what will you do today to rise above this competition? It doesn't matter if you have a full serve restaurant with table service, a food truck or a quick serve concept with a drive through and counter service, the bottom line is the guest experience.

I so often talk about full service, but you simply can't ignore the explosive growth of food trucks and fast casual concepts, quick serve does not mean a lower standard service, it's just a bit more of a challenge. Listen up as I take you there!


Operators! In a full serve restaurant, your guests spend more leisure time in your establishment while YOUR FRONT OF HOUSE team have more time to interact with guess, converse and built relationships. With quick serve, the relationships are just as important, but the challenge comes in delivering a fresh, hot, product in just minutes.

Usually with a line forming, it's difficult to be much more than friendly as you quickly serve each customer and move on to the next, but why can't you provide the best of a full service experience in those precious minutes of interaction with each customer? You can, here's where training comes in. Full serve or quick serve, the absolute foundation, a paramount service begins and ends with product and restaurant knowledge and making suggestions we know that customers will enjoy and appreciate.

Once the staff knows their menu inside out and can confidently answer questions and provide helpful recommendations, you'll see the customers respond, you'll see them take those suggestions, increase their purchases and enjoy their experience more. After product knowledge, training should next focus on three essential elements of great service: Educating, Informing and Entertaining. Think of your quick serve team as unique personalities, recognizing many opportunities to tell your customers what's great about your concept, what they'll enjoy most in an entertaining way.

After all, the restaurant business in all its forms is really show business and people really do want a bit more than just good food and drink, this is what builds their loyalty. Give them reasons to come back often and tell their friends. Then the magic really happens, great food and drink combined with high standards of service leads to that all powerful word of mouth, your customers will sing your restaurants praises on social media, online reviews and face to face.

 I have a new system to help your quick serve concept do just that, but I'm not going to tell you all about it, I'm going to leave that to the experts.

Rockstars, I wanted to introduce you to my daughters: Salmon, Maggie, they grew up in the restaurant business, they baked pizza, they made desserts, they set the tables and best of all, they made friends with our customers.

Sam:    Hi! I’m Sam

Madi:   And I’m Madi. My Dad is right, service is the most important thing in the restaurant business and we watch our restaurant rock because of our training to our Dad created called SalesStars.

Sam:  You're right Madi; let’s tell the audience about the new South stands for quick serve and fast casual restaurants. Restaurant Rockstars has a new training system that develops your counter and drive-through to rock by telling the customers everything they like doing and what's great about your concept. Right Madi, it's a complete turnkey training tool available online 24/7 from any device that makes training your team simple and great just a minute a day and it includes previous pre-shift exercises, contacts and incentives and team building that will increase your concepts, sales but more importantly, treat every customer like your best customers.

Madi:   Where can listeners find this new salesstar quick serve? Only on restaurantrockstars.com It’s on sale for a limited time at 40% discount from the regular price.

Sam/Madi: Get SalesStar today.

That's right folks, take it from the experts. SalesStar is completely guaranteed 30days, no questions asked, money back guaranteed.

Check it out at restaurantrockstars.com

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