Be the Show, Not the Commercial
— Erik Shellenberger

Your time is valuable and this business is demanding, so I love having guests that cut right to the chase and spell out powerful nuggets of wisdom to help you run a super successful hospitality operation.

My expert today, Mr. Erik Shellenberger weaves his decades of restaurant experience, from the trenches to management with a rare expertise in social media, web design and S.E.O., online reviews and brand building. 

Roger Beaudoin and Erik Shellenberger on The Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

He’s going to cut the fluff and give us the basic foundations of success in all these areas.

So many restaurants are missing the power of leveraging internal marketing.. that is everything we can do for FREE to increase guest counts, turn our staff into brand ambassadors and deliver a high level of personal service. 

Treat every customer including the first time customer as if they were a regular or an old friend, both online and in your restaurant.

Listen to Erik freely share his knowledge and expertise and watch the needle move.  You can find Erik at and or

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Now go out there and Rock Your Restaurant!


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