You’ll be cashing in coupons and thanking me all the way to your bank.

I can’t tell you how many times I come across businesses of all types that sit around waiting for customers to come through the door… not only that, they’re spending thousands of dollars on traditional advertising.  Spending, spending and hoping for the best!  What a waste!

Today’s episode throws that idea out the window and presents an easily actionable and proven way to bring thousands of new dollars in the door.  

All by building relationships with other non-competing businesses and leveraging their customers to become your new customers…  UREKA!

Roger Beaudoin - The Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

In your own restaurant, when was the last time you walked outside your door and found new customers down the street, across town or even tourists passing through?  

Listen to the nuts and bolts of this very simple yet extremely effective marketing strategy for full-serve restaurants.  You’ll be cashing in coupons and thanking me all the way to your bank.

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You're tuned in to the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast. Powerful ideas to rock your restaurant, here's your Host, Roger Beaudoin.
Hey Rockstars! Last week's episode was all about the marketing firepower, cash flow boost and leverage of starting a month club. Well, around the subject of making more money in your restaurant, take a listen to my latest installment. I'm all about providing my listeners value in bringing you guests and topics to help you not only succeed but really kill it. So stay tuned for another powerful idea that's not only easy to execute, it's a win-win-win.
Hi everyone, I can't tell you how many businesses I come across restaurants and otherwise whose Owners and Managers sit in their place, waiting for customers to walk through the door. Not to mention the thousands of dollars they needlessly spend on traditional advertising.
Fact is the real power of marketing comes from word of mouth and what I call Internal Marketing; that is train your staff to deliver consistently, amazing customer experiences and watch your cash register ring. I've got lots of ideas on how to do just that and you can find them all in my Podcast archives. 
But let's get to the real meat of this episode, it's all about the power of relationships and how other businesses can drive lots of new and repeat business to your restaurant. Long ago, I came up with a seemingly simple idea. Give away something of high perceived value to my potential customer. You heard that right, 'Give it away'
To start, you need an item or items that cost very little to put on the plate but have very high profit, I call those cash cows and plain and simple your restaurant just can't have too many cash cows, that's how your bank account really grows. 
So, I predict four color business card coupons with a photo of one of my cash cows in this case it was a very popular and profitable appetizer called 'Garlic Nuts' The copy on the coupon read 'Fantastic, tremendous garlic nuts' with the value printed in each corner, $10 absolutely free. 
Next, I brought a stack of coupons to about fifteen local non-competing businesses. The Movie Theater, Car-wash, Health food store, Bed and breakfast inns and motels, retail shops, you get the idea? I introduced myself to the Owner or Manager and said, "Here is a $10 free value to your customers absolutely free, if you give these out to anyone making a purchase, I'll give you back 10% of what they spent back in trade in my restaurant. You can use it for yourself and your Partner, your family or use it as an Employer reward; it's your choice. 
All I needed to do is stamp at the back of each coupon, so I can track where they're coming from. At the end of each month I'll give you a gift card loaded with your trade. Just come in, order, have fun and sign the cheque. Suddenly, I had lots of coupons coming through the door of new business new faces and friends from my restaurant and everyone was happy. The business was happy, their customers and my new ones were happy and of course I was very happy. 
This was a super successful promotion that I ran for years and years until I sold my restaurants. So what did this cost me as a marketing program? I figured less than a dollar per order of garlic nuts. You see the dough in the ingredients were a by-product of the Pizzas I already made and sold and their cost was nearly all covered in my Pizza costs. Then, the business cards were just pennies as I ordered them thousands at a time. So I could afford to give garlic nuts so away all day long.
And listen to this the kicker was I had to sit down restaurant and I tracked the average spend for every one of those coupons. It turned out to be an $80 plus cheque average on a cost of less than a buck because the coupon holder brought friends or family, rarely did someone come in alone for Garlic Knots. 
Turned out some of these businesses sent me over $10,000 in new business each season; yeah that's right many you know I had a seasonal operation open just 4months each year. So, I needed to really rock my profits when I was open and relationships and cash cows were the key.
Until next time, go out there and rock your restaurant.
Thanks for listening to The Restaurant's Rockstars Podcast. For lots of great resources, head over to and while you're there, download a copy of the book, 'Rock Your Restaurant' it's a game changer, See you next time!
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