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Running a restaurant is the most challenging business I know.. so many details, so many hours… hard to stay organized until Now!    

You know I’m all about systems and efficiency to run a super profitable restaurant - so listen up.  In today’s podcast I speak with Konstantin Zvereff from a company called BlueCart.   The BlueCart platform is a one-stop shop for everything you buy from food, to alcohol, even dry goods all with just One Click.  BlueCart links to all your suppliers and you won’t believe how much time and money this will save you - all for FREE!    I’m not surprised that over 150 new restaurants and suppliers are joining BlueCart everyday and here’s why your restaurant should too:

-  Easy Ordering for everything you buy all with one click

-  Customizable to your unique specifications and needs

-  Direct communication to your reps to make changes, request rush delivery… you name it!

-  Simple reporting to track Spend History, trends, etc…

Get started now with 3 simple steps at www.bluecart.com

Go out there and Rock Your Restaurant.

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