You are insanely busy and your restaurant appears really popular but is is Crazy Profitable?  Work smarter not harder!

Many restaurants give more thought to their menu’s customer appeal than their profits, especially when changing menus frequently.   Menu items can be popular, profitable or both; but in many cases restaurants wonder why their place is busy, but they’re not making much money.  

The answer probably lies in the fact that a restaurant’s most popular items just aren’t profitable enough or profitable at all.  


- Your Menu is your Most Important Marketing Tool but also is the key determinant of “profit”

-  It is critically important to Cost Out each menu item category by category to know what Profit each  contributes to the bottom line and the volume of sales of each item using your Product Mix report

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-  When changing your menu strive for consistently similar profits per dish by category or at the very least, highlight your “most profitable items” and train your service team to “suggest” these every table, every time

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