Systems are all-important in your restaurant… they simplify, keep you organized, save time & money, but the industry has been slow adapters to technology.

Inventory, Ordering & Invoices are otherwise laborious tasks that are a necessary evil.  They need to be done, but no-one likes to do it, so many restaurants forego these critical operating procedures at their peril.

Now there’s a simple answer and its a one-stop turn key “system” to streamline and automate all these necessary processes.  Today, I interview Mark Haidet, CEO of that has the solution.


- Orderly’s Free “Snap APP” is an online file cabinet.. simply take a photo of your invoices and all is updated with your supplier’s up to the minute information and stored to the cloud.  Get your free

“Snap APP” through Google or the Apple Store

-  3 optional upgrades are available depending on your restaurant’s needs:  Orderly takes over your data entry function categorizing each item line by line, they track your food spend, monitor pricing trends, automate your inventory, create pars, manage usage and provide all accurate reporting to you and your accountant or bookkeeper

-  All systems are available to view from your smartphone or tablet

-  A personal “Rep” is assigned to set up your systems and ensure your restaurant’s success 

-  Schedule a free demo at

 Listen and watch as Mark describes what these systems can do for your restaurant and how simple it really is…. and yes, there’s an APP for that!

Thanks for watching and listening,