You’re in the thick of your restaurant… I get It!  So many details, so much to worry about…

Staffing, Service, Marketing, Food… the all-important Cost Controls - but how do you keep your staff and customers happy?  Here’s your answer.

Know that “systems” are the key to freeing your time and your success… you have a system if you can leave your business for a week, a month or more and when you return, your restaurant is just as successfulThis takes a simple mindset shift.

Decide now to take a step back, shift your management approach and set some new priorities.

Take an hour each week to work “ON” your business so you decide how or if you work “IN” your business later.

One such system available to you now is    This site is a world of restaurant knowledge, advice and resources that cuts right to the source and gives you immediately actionable ideas and tools to improve your restaurant the very same day.  

Listen as I interview the founder and man behind, Jaime Oikle and what can do for your restaurant.




-  Dedicate time each week learning and improving your operation.  Your family, your life and your bank account will thank you

-  Why Google for information when one universal restaurant resource library is available to you 24/7/ 365 (audios, videos, webinars, PDF’s, spreadsheets, ebooks,) on all important operational areas for any restaurant

-  Powerful search engine cuts right to your topic, issue or question providing numerous solutions with a click

Free Info-Packed email newsletter comes right to your box with relevant actionable “nuggets” that will improve your restaurant - just Opt-In on the website at no obligation

-  3 Value-Added Member options to choose from providing just what you need for your unique business and:  

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Thanks for watching + listening to the Rock Your Restaurant Podcast and I’ll see you next time!