Every impression and detail in your restaurant impacts the guest experience and is lasting.  Above all, you want your customer to be comfortable and let’s face it, you probably have wobbly tables in your restaurant.  If your servers are anything like mine were, they probably place coasters or folded napkins under the table base for a quick fix.  This is not only unsightly to the guest, but an annoyance.   Well, at last there’s a solution to this frustrating problem.

Listen as I interview Peter Tichband from www.flattech.com who has a revolutionary table base stabilizer that eliminates wobbly tables… your customers will be happy and your staff can focus on the all-important dining experience.




- Hydraulic technology automatically raises and lowers each table leg so that they are perfectly aligned, even and stable

-  For larger parties, two tables of different heights can be placed together with their table tops evenly aligned

-  FlatTech’s “Auto-Adjust” table bases come in many different models - choose from round bases, square bases, leg bases for 2-tops, 4-tops and more…

-  “Auto-Adjust” bases are drop-shipped to your restaurant and its as simple as taking off the old base from the table and installing the new base

-   Pricing starts at $69 for a 2-top and $78 for a 4-top

-  “Auto-Adjust” bases are available direct from www.flattech.com or several of the leading broad-line suppliers http://webstaurantstore.com and http://trimarkusa.com

Solve the “wobbly table” woes in your restaurant once and for all with Flat Tech.

Thanks for listening to the Rock Your Restaurant Podcast and I’ll be back with more great guests and game-changing products! 

See you next time.