In my last episode, my friend and fellow industry Pro Jaime Oikle of suggested we ask our listeners for their most challenging questions. You responded and the Q & A session was super powerful.

These questions apply to any restaurant and our answers will help you solve critical problems and significantly improve your operation. I think you'll really relate to the challenges these restaurant owners are facing - maybe you’ve had them yourself!

Take a listen to Burning Restaurant Questions Part 2, and if you missed it, go back to last week's Episode Part 1.

Today we cover:

- Seating during your busy times and how to keep both the kitchen and dining room on track.

- Tipping Policies and Gratuities for staff.  As you know, this can be a contentious subject and its hard to keep everyone happy.

and lastly

- Alcohol Pouring and how to balance different customers wants and tastes.  Need help on these topics and want to dig deeper, check out this all- inclusive mega resource

Thanks for listening and l'll see you next time!



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